Rules are simple,

  • Respect all and treat all as you would like to be treated.
  • No illegal products or adult material exposed to audience.
  • No guns, weapons of illegal or state regulated products in building.
  • Any outside food must be brought in prior with your load in and kept at your booth at all times, including alchohol.
  • Electrical will be provided, however you must bring extension chords & power strips as needed by vendor.
  • Only checked in persons may be manning your both. (extra staff badges may be purchased as needed per vendor). If you have people working your booth in split shifts, you will still need to purchase a discounted weekend band for each person.
  • You must supply names of those working your booth, and each person working your booth must have a vendor badge, vendor badges are not transferrable. Each person working your booth MUST check in upon arrival to the con at the front desk to receive their identification.
  • Load in is Friday Morning 9:00AM July 15th 2021 and must be completed by 2:00PM (VIP Attendees will be entering at 4:00PM).
  • There is no smoking/vaping inside the building in any form.
  • Vendors are responsible for state, federal or county taxes, fees.
  • Crypticon is in no way responsible for theft, illness, death and or injury.
  • If any rules are broken by a vendor they will be asked to leave without refund or return to any Crypticon Convention.
  • No Racial, Sexist, and or rude behavior found offensive to another will not be tolerated in any form period.
  • Please enjoy yourself, your friends, and make new fans to your products.
  • Please enjoy the movies, panels, and other events open to the general public while at the show. If you want to attend any VIP accessed events, you may purchase a VIP ticket. We also offer vendors a discounted t-shirt price for the current years show.
  • An email asking for t-shirt wants and extra vendor badge needs, along with load in and other information, will be sent closer to the show to the EMAIL ADDRESS in which you purchased your ticket under. If you do not use that email often, please know that you may miss important information.
  • If posted here and when you arrive, a mask and hypoallergenic gloves will be provided to you and must be worn in the building at all times per city, state & county safety guidelines. We will try and regulate crowds as well as lines to assist in any public safety concerns or requirements.

We offer free pipe, drape, chairs and tables to all spaces as shown in layout above. Space and hotels all sell out quickly.

Lodging-Please make sure your needed reservations are placed and that you request the discounted con rate via the hotels listed on the Locations Page of this site or app.

10×10 Middle (open to public on one side only) and comes with 2- chairs, 1- 8ft Table and 2- Vendor Weekend Passes. ($400.00)

10×10 Corner (open to public on two sides only) and comes with 3- chairs, 2- 8ft Tables and 3 Weekend Vendor Passes. ($600.00)

10×20 Middle (open to public on one side only) and comes with 4- chairs, 2- 8ft Tables and 4- Weekend Vendor Passes.($800.00)

10×20 End Cap (open to public on three sides only) and comes with 8- chairs, 4- 8ft Tables and 8- Weekend Vendor Passes.($1000.00)

We only sell the space as is , if you do not need the accessories we will just remove them for you but the price is the same as with the accessories.

All space is first come first serve, and vendors whom already have reservation will get first selection as space is made available.

All sales are final and we do not offer refunds, however you may transfer your booth or select it for another year if needed.

Thank you in advance for a yet another amazing year and event for all sellers, buyers, retailers, haunters, vendors, celebrity or fan alike.

See you at load in at 9:00am to 2:00PM Friday July 16th 2021

Load Out/ Tear Down. You cannot load out prior to 5 pm on Sunday July 18th 2021.